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Engineering Local Xperts

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Our diverse engineering experience and creative designs turn ideas into reality. Engineering Local Xperts is a Civil and Structural Engineering Firm based in Colorado Springs, and was established in 2020. With an emphasis on quality and efficiency, our talented team of engineers works hard to deliver high-quality solutions.

About Our Engineering Firm

Who We Are

Engineering Local Xperts is a locally owned engineering firm with over a decade of experience. We specialize in providing structural and civil engineering solutions to our region. Our local knowledge allows us to deliver effective solutions that are unique to Colorado and the surrounding states. As the future demands creative and aesthetically pleasing spaces, we are here to make what most deem impossible a reality. We are strong believers of creativity and innovation. In every project, our team will work intelligently and efficiently to meet your creative needs.

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Services Provided

Civil Engineering

Consulting, Analysis and Design

Our Engineering team is suited to tackle our client's Civil Engineering service requests, including:

  • Civil Design Plans for Residential Builds

  • Commercial Utility Plans

  • Hillside Site Plans

  • Grading and Erosion Control Plans

  • Earthwork Estimates, Cut/Fill Exhibits for Grading Plans

  • Engineering Topographic and Site Surveying

  • On-site Wastewater System Design (OWTS)

  • Pond As-Built and Certification

  • Property Assessment Reports

  • Drainage Reports/Letters

Wood Frame of House

Residential Structural Engineering

Functional Design

Engineering Local Xperts provides residential structural engineering services for new homes, remodels and expansions. Whether you are looking to build the custom home of your dreams, restore or expand an existing house, we can design the entire structure. Our Xperts will generate structural plans and collaborate with your contractor to make your design come to life.

Foundation Design

High Performance

A house or building must be supported by an adequately designed foundation to achieve a long-lasting stable structure. Our team can design a strong foundation specific to any type of structure. Whether you are adding supplemental foundation supports or in need of an entire building's foundation, we will design it.


Professionally Licensed 

Xpert Engineers

Licensed in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Kansas


Structural Engineering Evaluation

Safe & Stable

Our team is ready to provide structural evaluation services for existing structures under distressed conditions. If you are in the process of purchasing a new home/building or just need the opinion from an Xperienced engineer, we can help. We are equipped with years of experience in structural observations. If mitigation is necessary, our team is able to prepare structural repair plans for use by a contractor of your choice.

Architect Checking Plans
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Contact Us

We look forward to servicing your needs! Please call us, or submit the form below for any questions or information needed.


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Brick Construction

ELX was everything we were looking for. From the customer service point, the response time and the knowledge all earned 5 stars.

Rebecca Ponce

Carlos was very responsive and was able to come up with a solution that worked for the structural design we imagined. The whole process was smooth and we felt guided through the process. Every time we needed questions answered Carlos returned to site to inspect assess and give us the peace of mind we needed with such a big project.

Casey Johnson

I have been working with Carlos for over 5 years now and he is a guru when it comes to his profession. You can really tell he loves his work and goes above and beyond with his performance.

Jose Chavez


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